CMS in India and the prominent CMS missionaries.

The Church Mission Society works in India, especially in Kerala (Tranvancore-Cochin), was a blessing socially, educationally, administratively to the people and the community in those places. The CMS initially planned to help the Syrian Sabha under the name "Help Mission", but later on the Society was forced to start a new congregation. 

Rev. Dr. Claudius Buchanan 

Rev. Buchanan was the chaplain for the East India Company officials in Bengal  India. He arrived in India on March 10th, 1797. He left Calcutta in 1806 for Long Journey all around India. And he visited Tranvancore and met with many people. He was very surprised to know the fact that Christianity reached the Travancore soil way back in the centuries. He spoke with the then Metran of the Syrian Sabha, and he addressed the CMS about the Syrian Sabha. This caused the CMS to be interested in this area. Their main intention was to revive the Syrian Sabha. 

Rev. Thomas Norton 

(2nd Thomas Apostle to India) 

The first missionary to Tranvancore from the CMS was Rev. Thomas Norton. He joined the CMS in the year 1809, and in 1814 he was assigned to work in the Ceylon (Sri Lanka) area. But ultimately he came to Kochi on May 8th, 1816 by ship. He worked in Alappuzha, a coastal town, in the Tranvancore region. His works in Alappuzha and the region surrounding is immeasurable, it was due to his efforts the first Anglican church in Kerala was built in Alappuzha. 

Rev. Benjamin Bailey 

Rev. Bailey was the second CMS missionary to Tranvancore. He worked in the area of Kottayam. He arrived in Kochi on November 16th, 1816. And on November 19th, he and his family reached Alappuzha and stayed there for 7 months. On 1817 March, he reached Kottayam, where his works were immeasurable
His efforts contributed the CMS Press, and many other institutions in Kottayam and the surrounding areas. 

Rev. Joseph Peet

Rev. Peet was one of the most prominent CMS missionary. After the Mavelikara Synod, he worked in Kottayam, Mavelikara, Alappuzha, and Kochi. He reached Mavelikara in the year 1836 November. He was assigned as the Principal of the CMS College. He was a man of great will and he had a vibrant vision towards the future. He established many congregations all across the Tranvancore-Cochin area. Unfortunately, it was in his time. the Syrian Church decided to break up the CMS, leading the CMS left with nothing to do.